Brand New Electric 4 Pads Full Body Slimming Pulse Muscle Relax Fat Burner Massager Device

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Massage the acupuncture points of the body, relieve fatigue and improve body function. Burn fat, local slimming, beautifying and cervical vertebra and neck pain. The output of 2 channels-A&B can be used to treat various parts of the body simultaneously. Helps to relieve tiredness, relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation and burning fat. Digital display the strength, mode, function, treatment time. Improves your body circulation, relieves your pain and promotes your metabolism. 

This product suitable for who have stiff shoulder, chronic lower back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, leg ache & general fatigue, gastralgia, cervical vertebra and neck pain, toothache, deficiency in energy, menstrual disorder. 


Material: Plastic 

Color: Light Blue Massager 

Size: 9.9 * 7 * 2.4cm/ 3.9 * 2.7 * 0.9 inch 

Weight: 300g 

Power: 2*AAA battery(not include) 

Note: Please take out the battery if long time not to use. Clean the unit with a damped cloth or a neutral cleaner and then wipe with a dry cloth.Do not use volatile liquids such as benzene, thinner or gasoline for cleaning. Do not place the main unit in high temperature, high humidity areas. 

Package include: 1 x Slimming Massager, 2 x Connecting Cable, 4 x Pad, 1 x User Manual