Electric Abdominal Muscle Massager Device

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Utilizing the most advanced EMS technology out there, made from the highest-quality Cotton and ABS material this Ultimate ABS stimulator is sure to help you build that charming body you desire without requiring you to lift a finger. The ABS-gear is secure and efficient, utilizing a 15-level intensity to meet your customizable daily exercise demands.

Package includes:
Six points belly pad x 1
Host unit x 1
English manual x 1
Material: ABS pad

Each host unit requires two AAA batteries powered.

Abdominal muscle Trainer Massage Fit Training Multi-Function EMS exercise abdominal muscles intensive Loss Slimming Massager
Abdominal muscle Trainer Massage Features:

1. Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles
2. Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core with strengthening muscle contractions
3. Easy push-button operation with 6 modes. 
4. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology
5. 1 days 1 times, every 30 minutes of training, Exercise and tight muscles. 
6. Using the original training pulse with the frequency of specific current
7. Design the training method of effective exercise muscles


Color for pad: Black, Green
Auto programs: Scraping, Massage, Acupuncture, tapping, combination.
Certificate: CE/EMC,ROHS

Operation steps:
1. Open the battery cover, insert 2pcs batteries.
2. Put the device on the gel pad by the snap on button.
3. Put the electrode pad on your body.
4. Push the ON button to start, then select Mode by pressing the PROGRAM button repeatedly. Every time you press the PROGRAM button a different LED will light up indication one of the 5 programmed exercise routines. Choose the program as your desired.
5. Push the ON/INC button several times to carefully increase the intensity. You will notice a tingling sensation prior to the muscle contracting. Once the muscle is contracting it will be pleasant and relaxing. Adjust the intensity according to your comfort level You should feel a strong but comfortable contraction of the muscle.
The intensity has 10 steps. With every push of the button ON/INC, you increase the intensity by one step, with every push of the button OFF/OFF you decrease the intensity by one step.
6. To switch the unit off, press the OFF/LOW button several times until the LED lights go off.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Application: Body
Material: Cotton, ABS
Item name: Slimming Body Massager
Multi-Function Wireless Smart EMS: Abdominal Muscle trainer Waist Device
Training Trainer Slimming Massager: Electric Stimulator Massage Weight Loss Slimming
Smart EMS Electric Stimulator Massage: Loss Slimming Massager Machine Device